About Us

Fuzion Electronics is a leading distributor of all Electronic components. We supply active, passive, interconnect products and more. We are a supplier to OEMs and CEMs across the UK and are able to benefit these businesses and many other types of businesses within the industry. We give a personal touch and your needs are our priority, we understand all our customers needs are different and we find it easy to tailor our service around what you need as a business.

Being an independent distributor gives us the ability to source all manufacturers worldwide, which enables us to offer a much wider range of products. We have established relationships with suppliers worldwide, which allows us to be competitive on price and offer short lead times, which we know is important to our customers. We can source and supply RoHS compliance products & where possible traceability and certificates of conformity, please speak with your sales advisor for more information. Fuzion Electronics is your only point of call for all your component and electro mechanical requirements.